Third album for Kanon Wakeshima


5 years after her second album "Lolitawork Libretto", Kanon Wakeshima's third album, "Tsukinami" is due on February, 25th of 2015 in Japan.

Three versions will be available : regular, regular CD+Blu-ray, and limited CD+Blu-ray.

The tracklist should be as follow (TBA) :

  1. ファールプレーにくらり / Foul Play ni Kurari
  2. サクラメイキュウ / Sakura Meikyû
  3. signal 
  4. killy killy JOKER
  5. world's end, girl's rondo
  6. さんすくみ / Sansukumi
  7. チョコレート / Chocolate
  8. ナイチンゲール / Nightingale
  9. 芸術家のかわいい想像たち / Geijutsuka no Kawaii Sôzôtachi
  10. モンスター・スター / Monster Star
  11. ツキナミ / Tsukinami

As for the Blu-ray, it should included the video of her previous singles (TBA) :

  1. signal -Music Video-
  2. killy killy JOKER -Music Video-
  3. world's end, girl's rondo -Music Video-
  4. Tsukinami -Music Video-

The cover of the limited edition should be drawn by Kanon herself.

The album is already out for preorder on and CDJapan.  

Information about the different editions and the preorders

Regular edition : 通常盤 - ¥2,800+Tax - / CDJapan  

Regular edition CD+Blu-ray : BD付通常盤 - ¥4,500+Tax - / CDJapan

Limited edition CD+Blu-ray (with Kanon's illustration) : 初回限定仕様盤 - ¥4,500+Tax (Limited to the first press of the album only) - / CDJapan

Preview of "world's end, girl's rondo" music video

Preview of world's end, girl's rondo music video :

The first episod of the anime selector spread WIXOSS (whom the song world's end, girl's rondo is the opening) can be watched on Crunchyroll (depending your country) !


Preview of "world's end, girl's rondo"

Today at midnight (Japan time) has been revealed a video including previews of Kanon's next single.

Tracklist is as follows :

  1. world's end, girl's rondo
  2. continue
  3. world's end, girl's rondo (Instrumental)
  4. continue (Instrumental)

The limited edition comes with a music video of the A-side world's end, girl's rondo, and an exclusive card from the Trading Card Games WIXOSS drawn by Kanon herself. A poster will be offered if you buy the single in specific shops in Japan (illustration depending on the shop). 

Release date : October, 15th 2014.

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Translations will be in both French and English. 

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