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The title of Kanon Wakeshima's new single is: world's end, girl's rondo

Wordend 1

The main song "world's end, girl's rondo" is used as opening for the second season of the anime "selector infected WIXOSS", called "selector spread WIXOSS".

The B-side will be used in the CM for the trading card game "WIXOSS" from the anime.

Tracklist :
  • CD (Regular and limited editions)
  1.  world's end, girl's rondo
  2.  /
  3.  world's end, girl's rondo (Instrumental)
  4.  / (Instrumental)
  • DVD (Limited edition)
  1. world's end, girl's rondo - Music Video
  2. world's end, girl's rondo - TV-SPOT

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New Single for Kanon Wakeshima : Signal

More than one year after the release of her last single "Foul Play ni Kurari /  Sakura Meikyuu", Kanon Wakeshima is back with a new single due for February 2014.

The single is called "signal" and is used as the second ending of the anime "Blood the Strike". 

Its relesse is scheduled for February, 19th 2014

Both a regular and a limited editions will be available. The DVD of the limited edition includes a TV Spot, the music video of the song and the making of the video.