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New song for a video game

Kanon Wakeshima is working with the group Sources on the opening theme of the otome game Rear pheles〜Red of Another〜オープニングテーマ. The song is named Dark Night Rhapsody~akenai yoru no kyōshikyoku. Kanon wrote the lyrics but it's the group Sources who composed the music.

The release of the game is scheduled for summer 2015 on PS Vita.

More information soon...

RIGHT LIGHT RISE : more information

Preview of the MV of "RIGHT LIGHT RISE"

Her official website has been updated with a new design. 

Information about the single :

Coverreg     Coverlim

Regular edition                            Limited edition CD+DVD

Tracklist :
  • CD (Regular and limited editions)
  2.  Mayday!
  3.  RIGHT LIGHT RISE (instrumental)
  4.  Mayday! (instrumental)
  • DVD (Limited edition)
  1. RIGHT LIGHT RISE - Music Video

Various events are already planned for the release of the single, check the planning on the "Upcoming events" module on the upper-right part of the site. 

The preorders are opened on the usual websites :

New single for 2015 : RIGHT LIGHT RISE

Kanon Wakeshima will release a new single on April, 29th 2015. The theme song RIGHT LIGHT RISE will be used as the ending song for the TV anime "Danjon ni deai wo motomeru no wa machigatte iru darô ka", in english "Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon ?", or usually known as "DanMachi". The anime comes from the well-known light novels series from the same name.

Two editions will be available : regulard and CD+DVD. Danmachi

Tracklist :
  • CD (Regular and limited editions)
  2.  Mayday!
  3.  RIGHT LIGHT RISE (instrumental)
  4.  Mayday! (instrumental)
  • DVD (Limited edition)
  1. RIGHT LIGHT RISE - Music Video

The preorders are already opened on the usual websites :

CDJapan : Regular edition / Limited edition CD+DVD : Regular edition / Limited edition CD+DVD

More information soon

Preview of the song "Tsukinami"

A third promotionnal video has been released on Warner Home Video official Youtube account. We can see a preview of the video clip of the song "Tsukinami" which will be included on the CD+Blu-Ray edition of her album. 

The tracklist of the songs and the videos has been decided : 

  • CD (Regular and limited editions) 
  1. killy killy JOKER
  2. ツキナミ / Tsukinami
  3. さんすくみ / Sansukumi
  4. チョコレート / Chocolate
  5. signal 
  6. ファールプレーにくらり / Foul Play ni Kurari
  7. サクラメイキュウ / Sakura Meikyû
  8. 芸術家のかわいい想像たち / Geijutsuka no Kawaii Sôzôtachi
  9. ナイチンゲール / Nightingale
  10. world's end, girl's rondo
  11. モンスター・スター / Monster Star
  • Blu-ray (Regular and limited editions) 
  1. signal -Music Video-
  2. killy killy JOKER -Music Video-
  3. world's end, girl's rondo -Music Video-
  4. ツキナミ / Tsukinami -Music Video-

All the promotionnal pictures for "Tsukinami" are collected in the gallery

The lyrics of the songs from her new album "Tsukinami" will be soon available here.