New single for 2015 : RIGHT LIGHT RISE

Kanon Wakeshima will release a new single on April, 29th 2015. The theme song RIGHT LIGHT RISE will be used as the ending song for the TV anime "Danjon ni deai wo motomeru no wa machigatte iru darô ka", in english "Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon ?", or usually known as "DanMachi". The anime comes from the well-known light novels series from the same name.

Two editions will be available : regulard and CD+DVD. Danmachi

Tracklist :
  • CD (Regular and limited editions)
  2.  Mayday!
  3.  RIGHT LIGHT RISE (instrumental)
  4.  Mayday! (instrumental)
  • DVD (Limited edition)
  1. RIGHT LIGHT RISE - Music Video

The preorders are already opened on the usual websites :

CDJapan : Regular edition / Limited edition CD+DVD : Regular edition / Limited edition CD+DVD

More information soon

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