Preview of the song "Tsukinami"

A third promotionnal video has been released on Warner Home Video official Youtube account. We can see a preview of the video clip of the song "Tsukinami" which will be included on the CD+Blu-Ray edition of her album. 

The tracklist of the songs and the videos has been decided : 

  • CD (Regular and limited editions) 
  1. killy killy JOKER
  2. ツキナミ / Tsukinami
  3. さんすくみ / Sansukumi
  4. チョコレート / Chocolate
  5. signal 
  6. ファールプレーにくらり / Foul Play ni Kurari
  7. サクラメイキュウ / Sakura Meikyû
  8. 芸術家のかわいい想像たち / Geijutsuka no Kawaii Sôzôtachi
  9. ナイチンゲール / Nightingale
  10. world's end, girl's rondo
  11. モンスター・スター / Monster Star
  • Blu-ray (Regular and limited editions) 
  1. signal -Music Video-
  2. killy killy JOKER -Music Video-
  3. world's end, girl's rondo -Music Video-
  4. ツキナミ / Tsukinami -Music Video-

All the promotionnal pictures for "Tsukinami" are collected in the gallery

The lyrics of the songs from her new album "Tsukinami" will be soon available here.