Animethon 2013



Classically trained in cello since three years old, Kanon Wakeshima has always been felt strongly about "expression" and "communication." As if fulfilling her thirst for the two, she began to compose and write her own songs, widening her own scope of expression. 

In her songs, Kanon boldly arranges cello parts in unconventional ways, and draws inspiration for her lyrics from mythical legends and the contrasting themes of the fleeting present and eternity. Another way she expresses herself is through her illustrations, where she releases work under the name, Hilary, creating all work from scratch to digital outlining and colouring. 

Kanon Wakeshima made her major debut as a cello vocalist in 2008, immediately drawing attention from around the world. In addition to performing at numerous Japanese culture conventions in North America and Europe, she also toured through 10 cities in seven European countries in 2011. 

Also highly acclaimed within the industry, she's collaborated with numerous artists in various forms. For example, she penned the lyrics for "United," the ending theme song for the "Accel World 2nd Season," played the cello and appeared in the video for Yuzu's smash hit "with you and Tsuki Amano's "Ten no Ki," and also was a prominent member in HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA, the Halloween-based unit formed by VAMPS. 

Her own work has also been chosen for various tie-ups, including her latest single, "Foul Play ni Kurari/Sakura Meikyuu," a double-sided single where both songs were tied to an anime series and a PSP game.



Kanon's first two albums were released in advance in France, also holding an in-store event at FNAC, France's largest multimedia store, drawing a record audience size. She subsequently became an overseas convention darling, making appearances at the "JAPAN EXPO" in Paris, America's "OTAKON" and "AM2," Hong Kong's "ACGHK," London's "HyperJapan," and "Sakura-con" in 2012. She has also successfully toured Europe, performing in 10 cities over seven countries. 

Most recently in 2013, Kanon performed in Korea and in Marseille's "JAPAN EXPO Sud" in France (3/1~3/3), where she not only charmed audiences with her music, but also a live illustration performance. She will be appearing at Animethon 20 in association with J-rock North Promotions Inc.



(works are published under her illustrator name, "HILARY") Kanon also is an active illustrator, publishing work under the name, HILARY. Her illustrations include the ideal fashion outfits she would design for herself and stage performances, creating and supervising every step of her illustrations, pouring her heart and soul into each piece. 

In 2011, she released her first illustration collection, called the "Flower Sound Orchestra," which immediately sold out. She was also asked to draw the key visual for Scotland's biggest anime festival, "Scotland LOVE Animation," to which around 200,000 people attended. 

Kanon Wakeshima