Kanon Wakeshima (分島 花音) was born on 28th, June 1988 in Tokyo. At 3 only, she begins to learn the cello, then, taken by an envy to continue playing this instrument, she specializes and follows a professional apprenticeship of cello. She also found a couple of cellists and a classical ensemble at her entry in high school.

At her 15, Kanon changes the direction of her music and follows a formation of baroque cellist while participating in some concerts and recitals. It’s in this period that she joins a Pop-Rock groupe as a singer and also in this period that she begins to compose differents songs alone. Two years after, the life of Kanon will litteraly change thanks to a recital organized by Sony Music Japan. Finalist of this contest, she obtains a contract under the label of DefSTAR Records Inc. as a professional. After this contract, Kanon attracts the attention of Mana (famous by the group Moi Dix Mois or by his fashion collection Moi-Même Moitié) himself. Kanon's dream becomes a reality little by little following Mana who decides to produce Kanon Wakeshima by composing the songs of her first album.


Before her first album, two singles are released: still doll and Suna no Oshiro, which will be included in Shinshoku Dolce. Both songs are used as ending for the anime Vampire Knight. At this time, the anime is very popular and allows Kanon to be known quickly; and this remains the main reason of her success today. 


So Shinshoku Dolce is born. This first album was released on the 11th of February of 2009 in Europe and the 18th February in Japan. Released in France under the label of Wasabi Records, the album records good sales and the versions simples and collectors of Shinshoku Dolce are solds a lot. After that,Kanon comes back to Japan Expo 2009 for doing two free concerts. One more time, the public is in love of our cellist and the success is immediate. The same summer Kanon went to the United States, for two lives. One at Otakon of Baltimore (Maryland) and one at the shop Amoeba Music of San Fransisco (California). Kanon has also released two singles of Shinshoku Dolce : still doll and Suna no Oshiro. This two songs are chosen for becoming the ending of the anime Vampire Knight.

In the middle of 2009, Kanon records a new song called Toumei no Kagi which became the official theme of the video game : Avalon no Kagi. This new track was released in digital download the 16th of sSptember of 2009 in Japan.


Four months later, it’s the song Otome no March which was released in digital download in Japan, exactly the 16th of january of 2010. Thanks to this song, a collaboration with the Japanese model Midori was made what will allow her to become a model too for the brand Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, during one season. The second album is waited and his release will be for the 7th of July of 2010 in Europe.

Lolitawork Libretto, second album of Kanon Wakeshima will be released on the 7th of July of 2010 in Europe, then the 28th of July of 2010 in the rest of the world. He will be also sold in preview in Japan Expo 2010 in simple version or in collector version which contains a DVD of the videoclip of Lolitawork Libretto~storytelling by solita~, thirteenth track of Lolitawork Libretto. The videoclip was seen in preview in Japan Expo in 3D. Kanon also held a video conference on July 1st, 2010 where she will answer to the questions of the fans.
Then she starts in Japan a tour of 3 dates in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo. She also played in two shops for the release of her second album.

At the beginning of September is annouced the creation of the kanon×kanon band, composed by Kanon herself and the bassist of An Cafe, Kanon. Their first single, Calendula Requiem, is released on November and used as opening for Shiki.


Year 2011 begins with the release of Kanon's first artbook, Flower Sound Orchestra, on February, with the pseudonyme Hirari. It contains some drawings by Kanon and is available only in Japan. 

kanon×kanon released his second single on June, Koi no Doutei, which is also used as opening for an anime. During the summer, the band is invited in a convention, the AM² in Anaheim, on July 2nd to hold a live. They played their song and Moonlight Densetsu, a song chosen by the fans on Facebook. 
In the same time, a video message of Kanon Wakeshima is broadcast in Japan Expo, where she talks about her activity with kanon×kanon and her summer shows. 

Kanon travels in London, to perform on August 24th and 25th and take part to a Tea Party and a contest during the Hyper Japan London. On 31st and 1st of August, she is in Hong Kong for two shows. Each time she played the songs of her two albums.

Back in Japan, The Strange Treat! begins. It's a series of 3 shows on September 19th, October 29th and November 26th in Tokyo. She played songs of both albums and exclusive songs with a jazzy influence, which may be included in her next album. Each show has a theme, and other artists who played with Kanon. 

On October 27th, kanon×kanon hold his first live during the TIMM 2011.

Still with kanon×kanon, Kanon Wakeshima takes part to her first European tour: kanon×kanon×kanon Euro Tour 2011. During November, they will perform 10 times in Germany, Russia, Hongry, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, France and England. Before each shows, Tea Parties are organized where 10 persons could meet both Kanon, ate some biscuits and took photos with them.  A signed candle and a VIP pass were given to each person, and that lasted about one hour. The show was divided in three parts; Kanon's solo show, DJ Kanon show where he remixed anime songs, and kanon×kanon. They played all their songs plus Moonlight Densetsu and a Vocaloid song. For this occasion, Kazé licenses kanon×kanon's singles in Europe, and the Flower Sound Orchestra and other goodies are available. 


One year after the release of Kanon's artbook Flower Sound Orchestra, Kanon releases, still with the pseudonyme Hikari, a set of postcards with neon colors. Regarding her musical career, no CD has been released but a series of shows has been hold with various artists during the "We love children of the world" tour, on March 6th and 9th. 

Kanon was invited at Sakura-Con 2012 in Seattle (Washington, USA) on April, 6th, 7th and 8th. She took part in two autograph sessions and performed once, sharing the stage with Moi Dix Mois band, including the leader Mana (Kanon's ex-producer). Some new songs, as during The Strange Streat! could be listened. 

still doll song is used on a CD compilation released for KERA Magazine 13th birthday, on April 25th.