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Awesome website, guys! *3*

Loved it <3

  • Nienke
  • Le 19 Avr 2012

Hallo everyone~ ^-^
Sins her first single came out am I huge fan of her. My favorite songs from her are: Princess Charleston, kuroneko to pianist no tango, and lolitawork libretto. (but I love them all of course) I really can't wait for her new album/single to come out!!!!
Serious, I thought that I was like the only fan in the netherlands...but i've been prooft wrong when she came to the netherlands. I was like: 'THE AWESOMENESS' XD

  • kevin mendoza
  • Le 18 Jan 2012

Hiii everyone ^^ im really enjoying this site! KaWa-chan has an amazing voice !!! ever since still doll came out ive been captured by her music ~~ i really hope for a new album soon hehe and i hope she comes to America soon ^0^ that would wonderful!! follow me on twitter @realboku90 i need more kanon-fans friends ^^

  • arina
  • Le 15 Déc 2011

hey like it :D

First posted on 24/09/2011

  • dd
  • Le 15 Déc 2011

Hey it's me again!!! Right now I am listening to one of your awesome songs, and am awe by your wonderful, and inspirational voice!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your music... keep on singing forever!!!!'3'

First posted on 28/06/2011

  • Alexia
  • Le 15 Déc 2011

Thank you for all your songs! You have really revived my passion in music with your cello and voice! Arigatou!

First posted on 23/06/2011

  • dd
  • Le 15 Déc 2011

I am a huge fan of Kanon Wakeshima!!!! I am an American teenager who is inspired to become a Japanese singing pop star because of her. Have you ever heard of Vocaloid, when i did... I thought Miku was real, but now that I listened to Still doll, Sona no Oshiro, and Celmisa, I can tell fact, and fiction, thank you Kanon for opening my eyes to that!!!! And I wish all those effected by the Earthquake in japan to be safe, and well off.

First posted on 15/03/2011

  • vahid
  • Le 15 Déc 2011

Her voice and style is really good for horror thrillers.

Your website is good but I have some comments on it:

1. Make it more ditinct the language button for example you can use it with a flag of Britain separate of the navigation bar.
2. Place an other photo from the singer from the side (a more sexier one).
3. Because she sings in Japanese , You should have a Japanese version of your website (You can translate the pages by google translate and then consult with a Japanese friend)
5. place more photos of her on your website (make more visualizations)
From Canada with Love

First posted on 18/12/2010

  • .:GREAT:..:MOTHER:..:OF:..:KANON:.
  • Le 15 Déc 2011

Kon'nichiwa kono pêji wa totemo kûruda to sairyô no jôhô o motte subete no saikô no IT wa kanon no e ga egaka rete

First posted on 04/12/2010

  • Järkyttynyt
  • Le 15 Déc 2011

Kanon wakeshima is soooo pretty and talented that I´m so jelous at her. Her voice... it´s just so lovely that I want to cry everytime I hear it.:D M favorite songs from her are: Still doll, Suna no oshiro, Kuroneko to Pianist no Tango, Kajitsu no Keikoku and Kagami. Of course- I love them all, but those are my favorites. <3

Sorry for my bad, bad english.

Greetings from Finland/ Terveisiä suomesta!!!

First posted on 27/11/2010

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